changing mat⁩
changing mat⁩
Premium changing mat⁩ - beige

Premium changing mat⁩ - beige


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A changing surface, which will make the little ones relax.
It is very wide on the one hand, and on the other hand it provides an secure and safe feeling through the high pillows, which form a buffer from the cold wall and later will also serve as a headrest for the growing baby.
Its unique fabric, Identical to the brand's bedding collection, gives a very soft feeling when it comes in contact with the baby's delicate body.
The fabric itself resists the passage of liquids and in addition, the cover has a dedicated double lining that prevents liquids from passing to the mattress.
At the bottom of the surface is a unique and rough fabric to prevent the mattress from slipping and shifting.
The parts of the surface are removable and can be washed at home: the cover can be removed from the mattress by a hidden back zipper.
Accurate in design and small details.

Suitable for long-term use - up to at least 3 years of age

Surface size: 83*55 cm.
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