Welcome to the FLYBYFLY website
The site enables the purchase of products marketed by the company (virtual store), the products appearing on the site are offered for sale.
Access to the website will be possible subject to the conditions listed below:

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Terms of Use
The provisions of this regulation will apply to any use made by you on the site and to any purchase made by you through the site, and will form the legal basis for orders and surfing on the site and it alone regulates the relationship between the company and you.
The customer who places an order and/or purchase through the site declares that upon performing the action, he read these regulations, and that he agrees to all the provisions and conditions of these regulations, and that he or anyone on her behalf will not have any claim and/or demand and/or claim against the site and/or the owner and/or management of the site and/or any of its managers and/or employees, in all matters related to the provisions and conditions of these regulations.
The company reserves the right to update these terms of use from time to time at its sole discretion and without any need to provide notice and/or advance notice to its customers
The images of the products displayed on the website are for illustration purposes only and do not obligate the website management at all.
. However, it is clear that the company will do its best to present its customers with accurate and reliable images as possible.
The company does its best to ensure that the information presented on the website is the most complete and accurate information, but it will be clarified that, in good faith, inaccuracies or errors may appear in it and the company will not bear any responsibility arising from or related to them.
All prices on the site appear on the products and are quoted in dollars. The prices include VAT according to law, and do not include shipping fees or local taxes in the destination country.
The website management is entitled to update the prices of the products on the website and the shipping rates from time to time and without the need for prior notice to the customers. It should be emphasized that the valid price in relation to the order made by the orderer is the price that was published when he completed the order process (which includes the delivery of credit card information).It should be noted that the prices were updated before the process was completed
For the order, the orderer will be charged according to the updated prices for that time and not the prices that existed before.
The site management is entitled to offer promotions, benefits and discounts on the site. The site's management may at any time, at its sole discretion, stop these promotions, benefits and discounts, replace or change them, without the need to give any prior notice to its customers.

Making orders on the website:
Products will be purchased by a registered customer by filling out an order form that appears on the website. Filling in all the details is a prerequisite and necessary for placing the order on our sites.
The company undertakes not to make any use of the customer's information, except in accordance with the site's privacy policy and is an integral part of these terms of use and purchase.
In order to ensure that the order is carried out efficiently and without errors, the orderer must make sure to provide all the required details on the website accurately and without errors. If incorrect details are provided when placing the order, the company will not be able to guarantee that the products will reach their destination. In the event that the products are returned to the company due to incorrect details, the customer will be required to pay shipping and handling fees. Therefore, make sure to fill in accurate and up-to-date details.
Upon placing the order by the orderer, the company will check the credit card details, and upon approval of the order by the credit companies, an email notification will be sent to the orderer confirming the transaction.
The details of the order as entered by the orderer in the order form and the registration of the transaction in the company's computers will constitute conclusive and final evidence of the correctness of the course of action.
If the transaction is not approved by the credit company, the orderer will receive a corresponding notification
And he will have to provide another means of payment.
Confirmation of the purchase operation is conditional on the fact that the product is in stock in the company's warehouses at the requested delivery date and/or at the time of the order. However, if it is not specified that the product is not in stock and the product has not been downloaded from the website until the order is placed, the company will not be obligated to sell the product to the customer, and the buyer will not have any claim and/or claim in this regard for any type of damage, whether direct damage or Indirect damage caused to the buyer.
The aforementioned is subject to the fact that the management of the website will return to the client any amount he paid if he did pay to the company and/or the company cancels the charge if it was made. There may be situations where, although a certain item is shown on the website as being in stock, it is actually not in stock and cannot be delivered - in these situations, the customer will be sent an appropriate message via e-mail or by phone.In this case, the company may offer the customer an alternative product equivalent to the product ordered by it. If the customer accepts the company's offer, the details of the new order will be updated. If the customer is not interested in the replacement product, the company will cancel the transaction and the customer will have no claim in connection with this, subject to the return of the amount paid to the company by the customer.
The orderer will be entitled to order a product and choose a requested destination for delivery by updating the requested destination in the order form - the delivery destination updated by the orderer will be saved in the database as the orderer's requested destination.
Any customer may order on the website in order to make purchases, subject to fulfilling the cumulative conditions detailed below:
1. The ordering party is qualified to perform binding legal actions.
2. If the customer is a minor (under 18) or is not entitled to perform legal actions without the permission of a guardian, his use of the website will be considered as if he had received the permission of the guardian.
3. The customer has a valid credit card issued by one of the credit card companies.
It will be emphasized that the company will have the right not to confirm an order of a customer for any reason and at its sole discretion, including in cases where:
4. If during registration on the website incorrect and unreliable details were intentionally provided.
5. If an act or omission has been committed, which harms or may harm the website or the management of the website, including the website's customers, employees and suppliers.
6. If the terms of this regulation, the terms of one of the binding documents or the terms of any other online service offered by the site have been violated.
7. If there is a financial debt to the company or companies related to it and the debt has not been paid, even though the deadline for its payment has passed.
8. If the credit card in the possession of the orderer/customer has been blocked or restricted for use in some way.
9. After the payment details have been entered on the payment page, a confirmation will be sent via e-mail about the receipt of the order details. However, it should be emphasized that this confirmation does not oblige the website management to deliver the products (in accordance with the regulations), and it only indicates that the order details have been received by the website management.
10. If it turns out that the orderer's/customer's credit card is not valid, or that the credit card company does not honor the transaction, does not honor the charge, or that the requested product is not in the company's stock, the website management will contact the orderer via e-mail or by telephone in order to complete or cancel the transaction.

1. The company and/or the management of the website and/or anyone on their behalf will not be responsible and will not bear any direct, indirect, consequential or special damage caused to the user/or the surfer and/or to the orderer and/or to a third party, as a result of use or purchase through the website, which is not according to these regulations - whatever the cause of the claim - including loss of income and/or prevention of profit caused for any reason, in which case the company reserves the right to cancel the specific order.
2. The company will not be responsible for any damage that may be caused as a result of inappropriate or incorrect use of the products.
3. The photos on the website are for illustration purposes only. It will be emphasized that there may be differences in colors or other changes between the appearance of the product in the picture and the product in reality.
4. If there is a mistake in the description, this will not bind the company and/or the website management.
5. In any case, the company will not bear any responsibility that exceeds the value of the purchased product, as well as any damage that is not direct and/or consequential damage.
6. The company is not responsible for a product that was used not in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions
7. The company will not be responsible for delays in the delivery of the products as a result of events beyond its control, such as malfunctions, delays, strikes, natural disasters, power outages, malfunctions in the computer system or telephone systems that will affect the completion of the purchase process or malfunctions in the electronic mail service.
8. The website management will do its best to deliver products at the requested time. If the customer believes that the products he purchased through the website or the services have any defect,
He is invited to contact customer service by phone at 03-6139731 by email or by WhatsApp: 054-6789440 and the website management will make the best efforts to handle the request as soon as possible

1. All intellectual property rights and copyrights on the website belong to the company.
2. The website and the content that appears on it, including the website design, designs, illustrations, photographs, photos, text, graphics, etc. (hereinafter - the "information") are protected by the copyright laws of the State of Israel.
3. Any user is prohibited from copying, publishing, distributing, duplicating, creating derivative works or selling any part of the information contained on the website without the express written consent of the company.
4. Do not display content from the website in any way.