Bed protector
Bed protector
Bed protector

4 Pieces bedding set - beige


מחיר $139.59

-93 במלאי

Full bed protector for covering, full protection and inner wrapping of all sides of the bed - the area of ​​the head, legs and sides.

- Comes with a large teddy bear head that can be hung at the top of the bed protector. The bear can be easily removed using scotch connections. 

- The protector has 2 sides: one side is smooth and the other side is checkered - so you can vary the design of the bed *It is modular - comes in 4 parts and a bear pillow

- Suitable for a baby bed and a transitional bed

Size: 38*50 cm * 2 pcs + 30*110 cm * 2 pcs

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