Bed protector
Bed protector
Bed protector

3D bear braided crib bumper - white


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A very long and wide braided snake pillow, used as a bed protector and bordering the sleeping area.
Due to its height, the pillow can also be used outside the baby's bed to restrict the laying area - for example, create a circle in the shape of a nest, which will be high enough to allow the baby to be placed inside it, on the parents' bed for example.
In addition, the pillow is long and suitable for use in the transition bed as a buffer and protection against the cold wall, or on the other side it will be additional protection against falling.

The pillow comes with 2 toys:

1. A round beaded rattle that will create interest and play. The rattle can be disconnected from the pillow for playing.
2. A sleeping bear, that is permanently connected to the pillow, which will create a feeling of security and warmth when lying down.

size : 180*22 cm

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