Feeding & changing pillow - pink
Feeding & changing pillow - pink
Feeding & changing pillow - pink
Feeding & changing pillow - pink
Feeding & changing pillow - pink

Feeding & changing pillow - pink


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-14 במלאי

A functional pillow with different and uses: a lying surface & changing pad, a feeding and breastfeeding pillow, a newborn armchair and a sleeping pillow during pregnancy, all in one product! how ? By opening a zipper and one click, it changes shape easily.
Made of the finest and most advanced materials.
In its first position (closed)- it is used as a round and comfortable newborn armchair.
This position is suitable for use from the age of 3 months and above.
In the reclining position on the armchair, it is convenient to feed from a bottle or even with a spoon.

In addition, this position allows for a slight elevation of the back and therefore encourages a steady hold of the bottle.
Second mode - by opening one tic-tac, it changes shape and becomes an elongated comfort pillow that is also suitable for sleep support during pregnancy and encourages sleep for children and even adults.

Third mode - by opening a hidden zipper along the hem, it opens and changes shape to a particularly pampering changing & lying surface in the shape of a cloud.
The unique, extremely soft fabric, the shape adapted to the baby's body structure and the filling create a special and extremely relaxing lying and changing experience.

In the center of the pillow there is a tiny indent that allows the pillow to gently hug their little body and give them a feeling of being cradled and hugged.
When used as a changing surface, it is adapted for use on standard changing tables (width 120 cm and depth 60 cm) for a total of 5 functions:
1. Sleep support pillow for the pregnant mother

2. Nursing pillow for full support for the nursing mother and maximum comfort for the newborn

3. Newborn armchair - for lying down and feeding support

4. A support pillow for the baby in the first stages of sitting

5. When opened with a zipper, the pillow becomes a particularly pampering changing surface in the shape of a cloud

* The transition between the positions is very simple with TicTac and a hidden zipper ​

Size: 100 cm

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