4 Pieces bedding set - white & beige

4 Pieces bedding set - white & beige


מחיר $139.59

-3 במלאי

Full bed protector for coverage, full protection and inner wrapping of all sides of the bed - the area of ​​the head, legs and sides.
The four parts are modular and one or more parts can be removed when moving to a transitional toddler bed.

The special fabric composition creates a soft touch like silky velvet that matches the blankets in the collection.
Please note that the story of the special POPO collection consisting of a bear, a duck and a bunny will be revealed in the inner parts.

The animals are furry, have a special bond of friendship and the bunny has rustling ears that create interest and play while lying in bed.

Size: 38*50 cm * 2 pcs + 30*110 cm * 2 pcs

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