FLYBYFLY concept bed
FLYBYFLY concept bed

FLYBYFLY concept bed

מחיר $1,499.00

The FLYBYFLY concept bed grows with the baby and accompanies it with maximum comfort over the years.
It starts as a small crib in the form of a nest that simulates the feeling inside the mother's womb.
The crib has slots that allow air flow and eye contact between you and your baby.
It is mobile- on wheels that move easily, that will allow you to move with the baby from one room to the other. The wheels can be locked.
It comes with a breathable mattress with the latest technology adapted to babies and with the highest quality requirements on the market (
see an extensive explanation on The mattress* below).
The base of the mattress is adjustable to the desired height for you and baby.
Its compact dimensions (72.8 cm width * 85 cm height) make it ideal for placement next to the parents' bed.
When the baby grows and it's time to move him/ her to a bigger bed, a simple connection of several parts and the crib will turn into a beautiful oval bed.
The bed (including the crib) is designed with classic round lines and is made of solid, high-quality wood.
The painting method allows the color to blend and look perfect on top of the wood. The bed also comes with removable silent wheels that allow you to move the bed between the rooms of the house easily.
The bed has 3 levels of height adapted to the growth and development of the baby. When the baby grows enough and is able to get out of bed independently - removing the central part (with the bear symbol) will turn the bed into a transitional bed. Later, at the end of the use as a transitional bed, it is possible to turn the bed into a table and a pair of chairs for continued use.
* The bed and its variety of functions come with very simple and easy assembly instructions for at-home assembly.
* Explanation for the mattress - For newborn babies who sleep during most of the hours of the day, there is importance in choosing a mattress that will suit their needs. Our elastic polymer mattress that comes with the bed, is not only made of soft polyester, the composition of the material and its internal shape allows air to pass and therefore the mattress is breathable.

In addition, the mattress cover is also made of the finest materials - the bamboo composition is breathable and resistant to liquid passage, anti-bacterial and anti-allergic, it is removable and machine washable. The bed comes with the seal of FLYBYFLY a special bear head that completes the perfect design of the bed.

To complete the comfort experience and bed design, it is recommended to add the bedding from the brand's collections.

Size :
Crib: width - 72.8 cm, height - 85 cm (including wheels).
Bed: length - 128 cm, width - 72.8 cm. Height - 85 cm (including wheels)

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